Grow your business on Amazon with AMZ MANAGED SERVICES

AMZ MANAGED SERVICES is the Ideal Strategic Service Provider for your company. With the use of our Fast Track 2.0 System we create the foundation for you to reach scalable results on Amazon.


We will help you grow your business on Amazon locally and on a global scale with our team of Amazon Experts including but not limited to Account Management, Product Ranking, Product Listing, Content Writing, PPC & SEO, Virtual Assistants and Online Sales Analysts.

What binds us together is our passion for helping people and companies grow.

Our analysis and actions will help your company to determine what steps are needed to get started online, increase your sales and help your business grow.

We can't wait to take the steps towards achieving your success on Amazon.


Words From Our Clients

"We have been working with the AMZ Managed Services since January 2020 and I can say myself and my team are very happy with the results

I love company’s when everything is doable, with AMZ is a company like that

We already see good results and sales and for that we can thank Wayne and AMZ Managed Services

I will recommend them everyday"

Jonas Anderson CEO Vision Haircare

Words From Our Clients

"Before starting with AMZ Managed Services I was unsure if Amazon would be for my business. I assumed it would be to time consuming and a confusing process. But so far it has been far from that.

The consultation from AMZ breaks down the process into manageable chunks. Everything from how to find a profitable products to negotiating with suppliers to branding your product.

To top if all off, Wayne is always there to help. I’ve been a slow learner but Wayne’s patience and detailed advice has made this potentially confusing process really enjoyable.

One tip he showed me was to negotiate a sample up front. If I hadn’t, and I bought 100+ of the product, I could’ve lost my entire budget as my sample broke within minutes.

I’m in the process of branding my first product in just under 3 weeks for Amazon (I’ve been waiting on suppliers). This would’ve taken me 10x the time to learn any of these processes or tricks. Plus it would’ve been WAY more expensive with the mistakes I would’ve made."

James Arthur CEO Sportyest














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